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Authenticity arrived at Intuitively


We work in three distinct spaces: ​

Gregory George
In Business

Where we help leaders and organisations with complex change challenges.

"Consult - To deliberate or consider”

Complex change challenges will always  expose any lack of personal formation in the individuals that make up a team or leadership group. When that happens it is not the change that is the issue it's the lack of individual capacity to handle the change. How that deficit in formation spills out and impacts the wider group of people will radically determine the quality of your organisational culture. Our inquiries address that formation and capacity issue. 


"Intuition - Subtle knowing"

Intuitive awareness is a level of consciousness that we all have, however very few people trust themselves enough to follow it. Unfortunately, not paying attention to this subtle level of awareness can be very costly and personally detrimental. Whereas, trusting and following your intuitive intelligence offers us real benefits. We aim to take the mystery out of intuitive perception and resolve that trust and usage fear.

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Where we help individuals connect intuitively to their authentic self.

In Community
Wide Open Space Experience

Authenticity - Being your True Self

Validating your own life sufficiently enough so as to give yourself the permission to be that authentic expression of your own True Self is key to a peaceful, productive and purposeful life. Many people never risk real authenticity and they hide out being a lesser version of their actual identity. That is a hard, narrow and restricted way to live. Our W.O.S.E program is an immersive experience that moves a person into a much wider more life affirming place. If you desire is to be the best version of you, then this may well be just what you need. 

Where we support groups of people to pursue authenticity through intuitive practice


 Gregory George Consulting

helping leaders and organisations with complex change challenges

We offer three distinct change inquires:

1. Hidden Faces of Change Inquiry

2. Authentic Change Leadership Inquiry

3. Change Scope Inquiry

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Hidden Faces of Change Inquiry
To discover the type of change being experienced and how to address it effectively 

This inquiry is a direct application of the book; “The Hidden Faces of Change - The Less Obvious Truth About Change”. It will help you to discover:

  • Which type of change you are facing

  • The landscape of that change

  • How to approach the change 

  • The personal formation challenges people will be experiencing 

  • What kind of shifts in thinking will be required

  • The type and level of awareness that people will need to use or develop in order to move  positively with the change. 


Intuitive Intellect

helping people connect intuitively to their authentic self

We offer three distinct intuition building programs:

1. Cleaning Session

2. Hidden Faces of Change Coaching Journey

3. The Intuitive Coaching Practitioners Course

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Cleaning Session
A single session to connect you to your intuitive intelligence. This is to help you sort through all the noise and clutter in your head and arrive at what you know intuitively.

This is not a cognitive behavioural therapy session to help you manage your story and it is not psychological counselling to investigate the  complexities of your psyche. Your story and why you need to tell it or even believe it have little to do with your intuition. Your intuition is an instinctive "knowing" that empowers and energises you to move in a specific direction with a specific intent. That is why this session is designed to:

  • Quarantine the myriad of competing voices and let you identify with your intuitive knowing

  • Explore the direction and intent of your intuition

  • Reflect on the practical implications of your intuitive knowing

  • Canvas alternate approaches 


Wide Open Space Experience

sharing the experience of authentic true self with others

Our "essence" and "thisness", which for many people has become suppressed and driven into  narrow restrictive spaces, actually requires a massive amount of freedom if we are to enjoy a flourishing life. This program is to take you from a narrow, hard and restricted space into a generous, free and wide open space.

W.O.S.E. is our flagship program, it is a three month intensive program that involves three residential retreats and weekly one-to-one coaching sessions. It is intentionally designed to be an immersive experience with people who share a similar desire and intent towards living intuitively and being the most authentic version of themselves that they can be. This course introduces you to:


  • Your own intuitive curriculum - you start working and developing your core intuitive convictions

  • Direct access to Greg and Angela as your personal mentors and coaches for 3 months

  • Intuitive awareness practice - personal experience of intuitive practice

  • Intuitive awareness theory - methodology, ideation and understanding the "why" behind the "what"

  • Waking Up practice - Integrating gross, psychological and subtle levels of consciousness 

  • Cleaning Up Practice - Coaching towards being "Response-able", "Account-able" and self validating

  • Complete "Hidden Faces of Change" Program and resources

  • Access to the W.O.S.E. Alumni community events and resources

Hidden Faces of Change

This book is for those among us who want to have a different conversation about change. Change is the primary agent of our personal development and as such it has a unique power over us - we are subject to its dictates, not it to ours. Understanding this will immediately alter the conversations we can and should be having about change. Instead of talking about trying to control, manage and lead change we should focus more seriously on what surrendering to and flowing with change might involve and mean for our lives and communities.

Recognising the various faces of change and receiving them as friends bearing gifts to empower and enrich our lives is the goal of this book. Surrendering to change and flowing with its mercurial ways is truely a pathway to a life of peace and fullness.

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Join others who are continuing to explore ideas from the Hidden Faces of Change. Feel free to email your observation and join us in the unfolding dialogue about change.