Our Story

Angela and I began a journey 33 years ago when we agreed that we would try to live by the deepest leadings and values of our hearts. It has proved to be an amazing and incredibly challenging commitment. Whilst it is easy to say - “live wholeheartedly” or “be authentic”, it is a lot harder to walk these ideals out as a daily practice. Pursuing the deepest movements and convictions of the heart is a huge undertaking.


Intuition has played a huge role in our heart journey. There is an unaffected wisdom that flows from intuitive intelligence, it speaks above the lesser opinions of self and the critical voice of others. Listening to it and following it is essential if you want to be aligned with your own authentic true self.  Being the best version of yourself is what it is all about, anything else is a diluted version of the true person.


So we believe in this idea of "authenticity arrived at intuitively", we see it as fundamental to a flourishing life, business or community. All our work is designed to engage peoples intuitive intelligence as the means and way  of releasing  them into being their authentic self. We hope to share this journey with you.