a word derived from the Latin consultare meaning “to deliberate”, or “consider”


Complexity makes fools of those who insist on being the expert in the room. When confronting a complex challenge the least useful person in the room is the one who thinks they have all the answers. The most helpful is the one who is skilled in asking the right questions and can hold open the space so a higher awareness and deeper consciousness can start to shape the way forward. 

GGC is grounded in the original intent of what consultancy means. Our true value for you and your enterprise will be found in our skill to facilitate effective inquiry. The time invested in meaningfully deliberating and considering complex issues always leads to intelligent design and appropriate action.


The following offerings have been designed to be versatile and flexible enough to enable us to tailor them to the unique needs of your environment and context. Each inquiry can be delivered either through a one-to-one coaching modality, as a group workshop or through a keynote presentation. 

Hidden Faces of Change Inquiry
To discover the type of change being experienced and how to address it effectively 

This inquiry is a direct application of the material found in my book; “The Hidden Faces of Change - The Not So Obvious Truth About Change”. The inquiry is to discover:

  • Which type of change you are facing

  • The landscape of that change

  • An appropriate approach to that change 

  • The personal formation challenges people will be experiencing 

  • What kind of shifts in thinking will be required

  • The level of awareness people need to develop to be involved positively in the change.